Welcome to MSHS

It is with great joy and excitement that I welcome you to Manitou Springs High School, Home of the Mustangs!

As a Mustang we are committed to:

  • Rigor, Deep Learning, and Opportunity are not just words spoken in our school district, but a guiding belief system in the ways in which we educate our students both in and out of the classroom.
  • Develop students with diverse abilities, interests, passions, inquisitiveness, and critical thinking ability. A commitment to educating the Whole Child.
  • Student voice is paramount in the overall success of a school and the development of strong school culture.
  • Teacher leadership is the engine that drives the MSHS ship. Passionate and empowered teachers are an unparalleled force in the education and growth of our Mustangs.


Letter from Student Body President,

Most people will tell you what Manitou is. Manitou is supportive, caring, empowering, and most definitely an awesome environment for not only learning but for finding passion and purpose. What I will tell you is what Manitou can be for you. Whether you are chasing your dreams or just riding the wave you can find what you are looking for in the clubs, sports, and activities that this school offers. Now it may seem that Manitou offers the same things as any other school but I’d like to express to you why that is wrong. Manitou this year had the westboro Baptist Church protest our school because of the strong close knit community we have. They chose us for the strength of our community and its support in order to break it. Our school organized a peaceful response and made a day where the goal was to make every individual feel like they belong. All the clubs banded together in one big effort to show how much we care for our fellow classmates and staff. There was a day for decorating hallways like any homecoming or school event but it wasn’t only your typical decorators. The parking lot was filled with community members drawing and making signs. People were all over, up and down the halls with signs that held messages such as “love was, is, and always will be the answer”. The sheer energy and care for some small town school and its students is astounding. Carl Sagan once described our world as a “pale blue dot” and Manitou relative to that being yet a pale blue don’t on that, a place of relative insignificance saw love and care on a major scale. That’s what Manitou is. It’s a family where certain unexplainable warmth is held, fostered, and cared for, a place where staff, students, faculty, and the community live to support each other. And I see no end to that in sight.

I am Caden Salladay a student who drives thirty minutes to school every morning from monument to experience what Manitou is because the people here are just that worth it. This letter doesn’t even do this small town justice. Even when the world got a little darker these last few months, Manitou Springs High School still shown like a lighthouse at night. Guiding its ships on to their destinations. I couldn’t ask for a better place to go to school and I hope you decide to come see our big family. If you ever see me around feel free to ask me questions or meet a new friend. I always enjoy meeting new people and seeing new faces. Thanks for considering Manitou and I hope to see you here amongst the herd of mustangs.


Caden Salladay

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