Welcome to MSHS

Welcome to Manitou Springs High School
At Manitou Springs High School, the traditions we uphold, the relationships we have built, and the community we cherish, all have stuck around for a very long time. This longevity is a tribute to the way we love, support, and inspire each other as Mustangs. With the level of bonding and help from our staff, we are given so many programs and opportunities to explore the different ways we can grow as students, teammates, and friends. Not to mention we have one of the prettiest campuses with the most breathtaking views of any high school on the planet, which inspires us to love where we come from even more!

Some things you might find in our halls:

Passion is one of the biggest motivators in our school. You will find it not only in each of our teachers, but also in every individual student. The passion that we put into decorating events whether it's Homecoming or Earth Day. The passion that each student brings to play the sports and the passion the fan section has to watch the games and support our teams. The passion that clubs and classes put into fostering creative thinking and improving communication skills. We put heart into everything we do!

Representation can be found throughout all of the sports, clubs, classes, and volunteer opportunities we hold at Manitou. One of our core values is the student's voice, you will be heard! We value a wide variety of representation, we want students to share their own experiences and perspectives, and at Manitou you will be respected!

Connections thrive in our school, leading us to not only make relationships with our school but also with our district and our community. We believe in giving back and in making sure our ties and bonds leave memories, moments, and unique experiences for our school's future and our own future. There is no greater feeling than to be a part of something bigger than yourself.

I am so happy you are a part of Manitou Springs High School and so excited to see what's to come! Thank you for being a part of who we are and what makes us so special.

Luke Donegan
Student Body President