World Language

What Language Classes are offered at MSHS?
The World Language Department at MSHS offers three modern languages - Spanish, French, and German from levels I-IV.

Who are the World Language Teachers at MSHS?

Paola Schadegg is a native speaker from Monterrey, Mexico who moved to the United States in 2010. She fell in love with teaching and switched careers from equine veterinarian to Spanish. She learned French and English as an adult and understands the struggles of acquiring a foreign language. She recently completed her Doctorate in Curriculum Development for higher education and is passionate about teaching Spanish culture while using fun and relevant proven methods. She has taught and developed the curriculum for levels 1, 2, 3, 4, AP and specialized courses based on career or personal interest.Paola believes every person can learn Spanish when provided with the right material and teaching methods. Some of her hobbies are reading, traveling with students and family, and spending time with her son Joaquin.

Ingrid Perez teaches introductory Spanish I and II classes. Ingrid was born and raised in Puerto Rico and she's a native Spanish speaker. She received her Bachelor degree from Universidad de Puerto Rico and her Master degree from Universidad Metropolitana de Puerto Rico. As a teacher, her goal is to share her passion for the language and the culture with her students and to help them apply what they have learned in order to become more proficient in the target language. Outside of school, Ingrid spends her time with her family and her dog Coco, sings at church as part of the worship team and she loves to go on road trips. Her spirit animal would be a llama - empathetic, fun-loving and focused on achieving her goals.

Angela Shelton French Teacher, is a Colorado Springs native. She was inspired to learn French in order to speak to her French uncle and cousins in their native language, but fell in love with the language and culture somewhere along the way. Angie majored in French and Francophone Studies in college and worked for several summers at Concordia Language Villages where she discovered her passion for teaching children. A Fulbright Teaching Assistantship took her to France, and she stayed an extra year to earn a Master's in Teaching French as a Foreign Language in Tours. Angie taught locally at the middle and high school levels for 8 years. She took a break from teaching to stay home with her own children. Angie's other interests include camping, hiking, springboard diving, and spending time with her family.

Why is Language Learning Important?
We firmly believe that knowing another language opens up a world of possibility and opportunity to learners. To understand and empathize with people outside of our own country and culture, to travel confidently to destinations afar, to explore and experience the world as it really is, the many cognitive benefits, and possessing the highly marketable skill of being bilingual make learning a second language a wise choice: little wonder that colleges and universities look favorably upon students who successfully complete multiple years of a modern language.

How is Language taught at MSHS?
The MSHS WL Department utilizes Thematic units combined with Comprehensible Input strategies to develop practical knowledge, skills, and abilities in order to bolster language proficiency.