Matching Common App to Naviance

If you are applying to colleges/universities using the Common Application, follow these steps to link your Common Application with Naviance. This must be completed in order for transcripts and letters of recommendation to be sent.

  1.  Login to your Naviance account (Click) account
  2. Click on the “colleges I’m applying to” link under the “Favorites” section on your homescreen.
  3. In the pink box at the top of the screen click “match accounts”
  4. Read the posted information, scroll to the bottom of the page to enter your email address. Then, click “match accounts”.

In the event your Common Application account and Naviance account do not “match”

  1. An explanation for the unsuccessful match should be given in the “Common App Account Matching” box
  2. If it says you need to complete the FERPA”
    1. Login to your Common Application account
    2. Click on “My Colleges”
    3. Choose one of the colleges you plan to apply to
    4. Click on “Recommenders & FERPA”
    5. You must complete all of the questions in the “education” section
    6. Click on the link to complete the FERPA waiver
    7. Agree to the terms to waive your right to view letters of recommendation
    8. Return to your Naviance account and repeat the steps listed above