How to Request Transcripts

Before requesting transcripts you should complete your college applications through one of these methods:

  • Common Application.
  • College Specific online Application: Go to the college’s website and complete their application online. Applications can usually be found on the Admissions page.
  • 2) Click on the “colleges I’m applying to” link under the “Favorites” section on your homescreen
  • 3) Click on pink plus sign in the upper right hand part of your screen to add a school and request transcript.
  • 4) If you are using the Common Application, follow the steps to match your accounts before proceeding.
  • 5) Type in the name of the college or university you would like to add.
  • After finding the college or university, select how you will submit your application using the dropdown menu. Your options will be “Direct to Institution” or “Common Application” (if you have matched your accounts).
  • 6 )Click “add and request transcript” in the teal box.
  • 7) Choose the type of transcript you are requesting:
    1. Initial - The first transcript sent to a college/university. This is the most common option.
    2. Midyear - The transcript with Semester 1 Grades-usually sent as a requirement of the application process outlined by that specific school. This transcript is not sent until after S1 grades are final.
    3. Final - The transcript that is sent after graduation, and only to the school you will be attending.